Friday, November 14, 2014

Good Vibrations

Not much time, I am trying to catch up on some work, but I had to give an update about my little manifesting exercise from earlier this week.

For my computer, a friend said she would ask someone about fixing my broken one (which is what I wanted above getting a brand new one because of all the important files on it). So while I don't have a working desktop YET, as far as I am concerned, it's up and running already.

And for the living situation, where to go, etc. - something really interesting happened this morning. I realized I had a note from my ex landlord telling me he'd love to give me a recommendation next time I needed to rent a place. This came along with the check for my security deposit which was a nice, fat $1245.43!!!! Then on the drive into work this morning, as I chanted Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha - to Ganesh, remover of obstacles - I had a completely new thought come into my head, that I should move to Collingswood NJ. My company has an office in the same area. Perhaps a transfer? If not, it is 15 minutes outside of Philly. A new job, perhaps? To top it off, I got further intuition telling me that even if it initially feels painful, to let go of the concept of my dog training business, and focus fully on my nonprofit organization. I feel so good and RIGHT about this and excited about having a new focus. Baby steps, baby steps, but every day moving forward.

Just one final thought to throw out to you all - I was listening to a snippet on YouTube from Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. I'm listening and going "mm hmm, ok, yeah, whatever", and then it hit me like a ton of bricks - I'll paraphrase:

We vibrate at the wrong level - we vibrate at the level of want instead of at the level of have. So that lower vibration keeps what we want away. And why do we WANT things to begin with? To make us feel good. How can we feel good? We can change our emotions - yes, changing them is in our power at ANY and ALL times. Change your emotions to feel better, to feel as if you already have that thing you think you want/need to make you feel better but don't have because you feel bad about NOT having it. Change your emotions to the higher level - of feeling good, happy, bountiful - because that is what you want most above all - to FEEL GOOD. Once you feel GOOD, like you already have what you want, what you want comes to you because you are vibrating at the level of already having it.

Amazing. I'm carrying that with me today and trying to maintain - no, maintaining - a higher vibrational level by exercising my RIGHT TO FEEL GOOD.

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